A treasure of diversity on intact reefs


There is only one solution to dive in Sudan: liveaboard! Still very closed to mass tourism, this country bordering Egypt offers exceptional diving conditions, with untouched reefs, stunning colors and abundant animal life. Seafari puts its comfort boat Odyssey at the service of those who want to live the experience of diving in Sudan. Our different tours offer you the privilege to conquer a rare destination, for a trip full of emotion in the heart of the Red Sea. From the mythical wreck of the ship Umbita to the encounter with hammerhead sharks, every dive here is like a living paint on which anything can happen. The big, the colors, the macro, the wrecks... Sudan is one of those destinations that surprises divers, for their greatest pleasure.



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Frédéric Chotard

Yves Lefèvre

Patrick Masse

Steven Surina


Seafari maintains strong relationship with many partners. Whether they are Nonprofit Organisations, environmental preservation associations or diving specialised insurance companies, they all contribute in their own field, improving your dive experience.

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